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The Monday Report: 4/3/17

By April 3, 2017Mondays
Ada Madigan

Writer / Editor, Orange Coast Magazine

1. Which woman, who is not related to you, had the greatest impact on your life?

A dear friend of mine named Alexa. Seven years ago, when I moved to California, she was the first true friend I made. She is a driven, bright, and capable woman who I admire greatly. She was a year ahead of me in college and that meant I was able to watch her navigate through UCLA, internships, and her entrance into a career. She set the bar high and it motivated me. Many of my adult life accomplishments, and most joyous moments have happened due in part to her.

2. If you could spend two years living in a different country where would it be and why?

My immediate thought is France. Growing up in Canada my schooling was in French, but over the last few years it’s gotten rusty. I would love a chance to re-immerse myself in the language. Plus, once you’re in Europe travel options are endless. Sweden is up there too, but France calls to me.

3. You have a morning with absolutely no obligations or commitments – how would you choose to spend it?

I’d spend in it in bed, with a latte in one hand and a book in the other. And, if I could control the weather, it would be raining. Rain relieves the pressure of feeling like you have to be out. Lately, I’ve been scheduling time to schedule nothing. I actively block out weekend mornings with calendar reminders telling myself not make plans. A morning where I don’t have to be out the door at a certain time is rare. So, a morning sans obligation I’d spend quietly at home. I love to be home.

4. What’s your guilty pleasure?

This one is hard one for me. I don’t truly feel guilt over what I find pleasure in, but for the sake of the question— French fries. I’d do bad things for some French fries.

5. What’s the most unique/uncomfortable/craziest thing you’ve done and recommend that others try as well?

When I was a fresh, and apparently brave, high school graduate, I left home to work as an Au Pair in Switzerland. I didn’t really know what I was doing, I simply knew I wanted to travel and have an income while I did. What followed were two amazing and formative years. I traveled, skied, and played hours and hours of ice hockey in the Alps. I am really lucky my parents trusted me. They never once said, “Ada, you can’t do that.” This experience didn’t keep me from pursuing university, or the career I dreamed of one day having. It simply made it so when it was my time for those things I had a better grasp on who I was, and it meant tackling them with more confidence. I would tell anyone not ready to start college to avoid making that default move— rather take their time, and experience what their intuition tells them.

6. What remains undone that you hope to set to your sights on?

I want to get my hands on more involved in the interior design industry. Right now, my job lets me appreciate other people’s work. I want a chance to create more.

7. Which article from the Art Of The Gentlewoman collection is your favorite, why?

The pants! I love these pants like I’ve never loved pants before. The fabric is dreamy, the cut is a perfect balance between professional and edgy, and they are versatile. Melissas, you’ve created the perfect pants!

8. Describe what you do.

I produce a monthly home section for a regional magazine. I plan out what will publish in each issue, and work with writers, an art department, and other editors to make it happen! I conceptualize on-trend product pages, work with local retailers to source furniture and accessories, style photo shoots, and hunt for local homes to feature. My favorite thing to put together are the home features, and love them most when they are completely done by the home-owner with no designer involved. Those are the homes that have the most soul. I am also our magazine’s web editor, which basically means I publish each issue online, and spend a lot of time arguing with the WordPress gods.

9. Favorite book, quote, or best piece of advice?

Will favorite song lyric do? “Just be a tough act to follow.” I get a lot of fuel out of that one line.

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