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The Monday Report: 5/01/17

By May 1, 2017Mondays
Art of the Gentlewoman Blazer and Pants
Leigh Weissman

College Counselor @ Collegewise

1. Which woman, who is not related to you, had the greatest impact on your life?

In college I worked as a student manager for the university’s D1 men’s basketball team. I assisted the coaches and players at practices, games, and behind the scenes with things like scouting reports. Being a young woman in such a male-dominated environment had its challenges, but lucky for me the team’s athletic trainer was a woman. A pretty badass woman, if I do say so myself. Beautiful, classy, and sharp as a tack, Meghan was someone I instantly looked up to. She was feminine and friendly, while still demanding respect at work. I watched and learned. I also leaned on her a lot, especially when the “glamour” of the industry wore off and the reality – the good, bad, and ugly – of being a woman working in sports set in. I’m so grateful for the way she took me under her wing and looked out for me as if she were my own big sister. Meg helped me navigate the various ups and downs, and the feminist in me was born out of the experiences we shared back then.

2. If you could spend two years living in a different country where would it be and why?

I adore Southern California so much that it actually pains me to think of living anywhere else! But if I had to… maybe I’d live in Australia. I imagine it to have the same laid-back, beachy vibes that I love about SoCal. Though I doubt I could ever get on board with vegemite.

3. You have a morning with absolutely no obligations or commitments – how would you choose to spend it?

I’d hop in the car and cruise around LA in search of a quiet place to read. I actually do this a lot, and I usually end up in Malibu or at my friends’ rooftop pool in downtown LA.

4. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Stuart Weitzman boots. But honestly I’ve been addicted for so long that I don’t even feel guilty anymore. #sorrynotsorry

5. What’s the most unique/uncomfortable/craziest thing you’ve done and recommend that others try as well?

When I was 25 I moved from the east coast to LA. I knew that moving across the country by myself would throw me outside of my comfort zone in all sorts of ways, but that’s exactly what I wanted. I was digging into my faith and I wanted to force myself to lean on God in ways that I hadn’t previously done. It was a 3,000-mile leap of faith and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Even if you’re not a Christian, moving to a new place and starting over is liberating, thrilling, and empowering. I highly recommend it.

6. What remains undone that you hope to set to your sights on?

I’d love to be a kick-ass wife and mother one day. 🙂

7. Which article from the Art Of The Gentlewoman collection is your favorite, why?

The statement tee. I already know I’m going to live in it. There are so many ways to dress it up or down, and it’s the softest cotton ever. The text on the front is a conversation starter, too.

8. Describe what you do.

I’m a college counselor and I work for a private counseling company. I help students navigate their college search and application process. I help them find colleges that would be the right fit for them, give them advice to improve their chances of being admitted, and help them with all of their applications and essays. That’s the surface level stuff. Below the surface, my job is basically to help teenagers recognize their potential and achieve it. Best. Job. Ever.

9. Favorite book, quote, or best piece of advice?

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”

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