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The Monday Report: 5/29/17

By May 29, 2017Mondays
Yalda sepahpour art artist trousseau blazer
Yalda sepahpour art style artist
Yalda Sepahpour


1. Which woman, who is not related to you, had the greatest impact on your life?

Malala Yousafzai. I admire her bravery, incredible intelligence and hard work.

2. If you could spend two years living in a different country where would it be and why?

Probably Morocco. Patterns and colors intrigue me. There is something very dream like about that place.

3. You have a morning with absolutely no obligations or commitments – how would you choose to spend it?

I would paint, go to the beach,  drive to the middle of nowhere or dance for myself.

4. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t know if I would call it guilty pleasure but I really enjoy doing a lot of stuff alone. I’ll go to a random place that I know nothing about and wander around.

5. What’s the most unique/uncomfortable/craziest thing you’ve done and recommend that others try as well?

When I moved to Switzerland I forced myself to hang out with mostly the francophones. My French wasn’t very good and I was an awkward, introverted person. I would wander around Geneva and go to bars and coffeeshops or bookstores and make friends. That experience completely changed me. If you throw me in a party that I don’t know anybody I can easily connect to people now.

6. What remains undone that you hope to set to your sights on?

I hope to be able to portray the sincerity that old masters have in their work in my own work.

7. Which article from the Art Of The Gentlewoman collection is your favorite, why?

I would definitely say the tube top and the jacket. You can create so many different styles with the tube top and the jacket is so comfortable and it has pockets. Real pockets!

8. Describe what you do.

I am an artist. I draw and paint nude women with one continuous line with guns for the moment.

9. Favorite book, quote, or best piece of advice?

Sincerity is the most important ingredient to becoming successful. As humans we are really good at sensing honesty.  When you say something to someone whether it is an opinion or compliment we tend to appreciate it more when it is sincere. But if it is artificially done and just said just for the sake of saying something it doesn’t come out right. The same rule applies to everything. Even Art. Get someone flowers if you really want to. Compliment someone if you really like that specific thing. do something because you really mean it.

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Take off your jacket and stay a while
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