What Is Best Hair Dryer for Men?

The hair is the crowning glory of every man and woman. That is the reason why anyone would really take some time to make sure that their hair is properly taken care of. You wouldn’t want to leave the house without even combing your hair, right? That is if you have a full hair and are not one of those who have decided to trim down their hair as short as it can get or just rock a hairless head instead. But a hairdryer? Do men really need to use a hairdryer? Well, yes. Not everyone uses nor have one, however. This post will show you all the things that you need to know about hairdryers for men.

First, let’s talk about why a man like you would ever need a hairdryer. It’s understandable that most men would say that they won’t really need one since combing the hair will just be enough. Anyone can slip out of the shower room, towel dry the hair, then finish off by combing or brushing the hair. You can also use a hair control product to keep the hair in place, right? You may think that all that you’ll ever need is to use the right product and that will be enough.Hair Dryer for Men

The problem with using your favorite product is that you might not be using the right product at all. If you are using the right product, you could also most probably be using more than what you really need. You see, applying a hair product to control your hair without even using a blower before applying the product on your hair, will only make your hair fall to where it naturally would rather go. The only way you can let your hair fall to where you would rather have it go is to use a hair dryer for men. You do that by setting your hair towards the direction where you would want it to go.

It does not really matter which hair product you’d want to use. As long as you have set your hair with a hair dryer before applying the product, your hair will naturally fall towards the direction where you let the hair blower cause your hair to fall. That means you won’t be using as much hair product on your hair. That means a lot of savings for you and a longer shelf life for your product as well.

It also makes sense to use a hairdryer, especially when you are using hair styling products such as a hair wax, paste, moulder, or pomade. Note that these products works well when the hair is dry. A clean and dry surface makes the products to stick well on your hair. Using a hair dryer for a couple of minutes before styling will leave your hair looking slick and not sticky after you have applied the hair product on your hair.

Choosing the Best Hair Dryers for Men

There a wide variety of hair dryers available in the market today. This makes it a lot easier to find which best suits one’s requirements. However, there is more than just the brand to consider when looking for the best hair dryer to buy. Going for a cheaper option will also give you more problems later on. The most expensive might also prove not to be the best as well, so you really have to take some time to consider which to opt for.

Factors such as the features of a dryer, the cost of the device, its functions, as well as its benefits, such also be considered before actually buying one. Different types of hair dryers offer certain features, including multiple setting for heat and speed, other styling accessories, size of the motor, adaptor, and also safety feelers.

In addition to that, there are good hair dryers that are available with either a ceramic or ionic dryer. These types of dryers are usually more expensive than the usual models. Those which are made with a negative ion technology are capable of breaking down the water droplets into micro-droplets which are easily absorbed in the hair shaft. These hair dryers make it possible to hydrate the hair with the micro droplets to make the hair strands smooth, shiny and looking healthy. It’s advisable to go for the one which generated a lot of negative ions.

How Do You Use a Hair Dryer?

  1. After a shower, towel dry your hair. You need a damp hair to start with. Not too wet since that will require too much heat to dry your hair.


  1. Then spray some heat protectant spray. This is not required, but it can help lessen the damage that that too much heat applied on your hair.


  1. Mould your hair with a brush into the direction in which you want your hair to fall into while drying the hair with your dryer from the root to tip. Do this until your hair is thoroughly dry.


  1. Keep the hair dryer at the lowest setting to limit any damage to your hair.


  1. Turn your dryer to “cold shot” setting as you finish to add volume and set your hair. You may also apply some hair styling product before you blowdry to have that style you want your hair to have.